Become a community builder and earn $PRTR

One of our most exciting features is our Community Builder Incentive Program, or CBIP. Want to earn $PRTR while working on making it worth more? Then read what it entails below.

The Printer team is set up so that it expands as the project grows. We have kicked-off with a core group that envisioned and developed Printer, but there is plenty of room for others to join as we grow. With this in mind our team’s token distribution is set up from the start.

When it comes to growing the core team, there are direct project roles, such as developers and graphic designers, but since we are focused on solidifying Printer with a strong community we have reserved a significant part of our tokens for community builders. For this the Community Builder Incentive Program (CBIP) has been established. Anyone can gain access to the CBIP, if you are a developer, graphic designer, marketeer, YouTuber/influencer, etc; or believe you can positively contribute to the Printer community in any way whatsoever, apply to become a part of the team through the CBIP! All team member are locked in on a linear vesting schedule and the same will hold for members coming onboard through the CBIP.

From our TGE onward and running for 10 months, 1% of all tokens will be unlocked monthly and distributed amongst the actively contributing team members. New team members, such as those that join via the CBIP, will join this vesting schedule. This way it is in everyone’s interest to keep contributing and building out Printer to receive distributions during future allocation events.

Want to get involved?
Simply join our channels and sent us a message on Twitter or Telegram. See you soon!




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