Project Generator/Launch Dapp

“Printer facilitates project creation, allowing our community to get in early, build, and profit from newly created projects”

Think of Printer as owning shares in a vast investment portfolio. Imagine profiting not just from the price of Printer itself, but from all future projects that stem from its ecosystem. At Printer, we generate new projects and our investors always come first.

All proceeds from activities (e.g. launching projects, staking, investing income) funnel back to the Printer token, either through buybacks or payouts to holders. This is on top of holders receiving new project tokens when they launch through the ecosystem.

“Own $PRTR. Always be early”

The Launch Dapp is where In-house or outside development teams can launch their projects. Any project wanting to launch will be vetted by the Printer team, then it will go to the community for voting.

  • IDO’s will be completely without whitelists, ensuring every $PRTR holder can participate in every offering.
  • A lottery system ensures equal opportunity to participate in the sale.
  • No first-come-first-served, but a time slot system, making the whole experience stress free.
  • Auto-participating feature. Sign up automatically with previously-staked tokens for all projects going live on the Launch Dapp.

To participate in the Launch Dapp, all we ask of participants is that they hold
an amount of Printer tokens.

First Projects: PRINTER FUNDS

A money management/hedge fund. Stake $PRTR and $fPRTR to get access to proceeds from the printer fund strategies.


Printer Pools is a venue where you can only stake tokens. Simplified on the front end for optimal user experience and simplicity. The staked tokens are used to generate the most competitive yields in DeFi.


Just as a traditional bank account is the home of your fiat, StableCoin Bank provides a home to a variety of stable coins. The end goal is to have users get a credit card to allow them to use their stable coins in every day fashion.




White Paper:



Originally published at on April 21, 2022.



Printer is a new way of enabling communities.

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Printer is a new way of enabling communities.